About the Author: Cameron H. Chambers

Cameron H. Chambers was educated at Grinnell College, the University of North Florida and Nova Southeastern University. He holds a BA in Literature and an MS in English.

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Mr. Chambers has traveled extensively and especially enjoys traveling to Latin America. One particular point of interest is the artist colony of San Miguel de Allende in the mountainous central region of Mexico.

Another location the author enjoys is the remote mountain village of Boquete, Panama near the Costa Rican border. He is an avid reader, an English professor, a social satirist, and a part time mystic.

His books include,Vignetta Vendetta Slices of Life, The Man Who Saved the Planet, Three Novellas, Don't Cross the Devil, Confessions of an Internet Don Juan, and For the Love of a Madman and The Stone Cabin. He currently resides in Florida.

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Internet Don Juan (2007)

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